“An attractive design and a wide potentiality of use”

This is the combination used by SRA Instruments to develop the new MyGC, a powerful gas analyzer that uses the latest technologies of miniaturization of gas chromatography for analysis of gas mixtures in less than 3 minutes.
Its use finds applications in the laboratory, research or production department with particular predisposition to the continuous analysis of process gases from pilot plants or reactors of small dimensions.

Boitier électronique extérieur

The system is compact in its hardware organization and modular in the choice of the configuration of analysis. Incorporates an on-board computer with Windows 7 operating system and software SRA Soprane, we have chosen a large, bright LCD display with touch screen to provide the ease of use necessary for those who must deal with the results. The new MyGC can be easily integrated in a pilot plant thanks to the various possibilities of communication and automation available in the basic version, which outputs Modbus and relay outputs / analog inputs. The architecture consists of analytical modules containing injector, column and detector microTCD, installed in parallel, suitably chosen in number (up to 4) and in the type of column to resolve the separation of interest.

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