DataFID Portable Flame Ionization Detector for Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR)

Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) Technology that is Safe, Convenient, and Reliable

LDAR programs have been implemented to identify unintended volatile organic compound (VOC) leaks in various components used in refinery and industrial processes. LDAR programs consist of specified monitoring requirements for both frequency of testing and the level of emissions from a given component type, such as a valve, connector or pump.  US EPA Method 21 outlines the protocol to be followed when conducting LDAR operations, and intrinsically safe flame ionization detection (FID) technology is specified in Method 21 for VOC leak detection.

DataFID is a portable, intrinsically safe flame ionization detector that can reliably measure VOCs in a potentially hazardous environment. DataFID has built in Bluetooth® wireless technology for fast data download to a handheld datalogging PDA.  An external Bluetoothantenna is installed to boost wireless coverage and minimize signal interference.  The revolutionary Hydrostik™ metal hydride hydrogen fuel cylinder provides high purity, low pressure (80 psi) hydrogen to DataFID for continuous VOC monitoring. This conveniently-sized, lightweight refillable cylinder provides 10 hours of hydrogen supply and can easily fit in a pocket.  These features, along with its rugged chassis and long battery life, make DataFID the ideal instrument for Leak Detection and Repair operations in a refinery or industrial process.

DataFID is designed to meet and exceed US EPA Method 21 requirements, providing reliable measurement data for LDAR operation. A Method 21 mode allows users to pre-program sampling points and leak definitions to use for specific locations, or enter the location manually after each data point has been collected. Additionally, DataFID is compatible with common LDAR software packages, including Guideware™ and LeakDAS®.

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