Comprehensive GC x GC (2D GC)

GC x GC is a chemical separation technique, which performs some of the most complex chemical separations ever observed.

GC x GC is a rapidly growing technique for the analysis of complex samples. Because GC x GC is both a qualitative and quantitative technique, most GC applications can be accomplished using GC x GC.

GCxGC chromatogram - 3D ViewSome of the main areas of GC x GC applications are:

  • Petroleum Liquids
  • Environmental Forensic
  • PCB’s/Dioxins/Pesticides
  • Flavors & Fragrances
  • Air Toxics
  • Industrial Process Diagnosis
  • Pyrolysates (Fire Debris, Tobacco)
  • Catalysis
  • Soils and Sediments
  • Chemical Warfare Agents

ZX2 Cooled Loop Modulation GC x GC System Eliminates the need for liquid nitrogen for thermal modulation. The ZX2 employs a closed cycle refrigerator/heat exchanger to produce -90° cold jet. The ZX2 modulates volatile and semi volatile compounds over the C7+ range. True “set it and forget it” operation for long periods of time, suitable for busy service analysis situations.

Zoex Kit for Multidimensional GC

Recommended Accessories: Secondary Oven, LN2 Autofill Unit; 2-day Installation and Training, Transform Software.

Options for GCxGC Kit

A powerfull sofware for visualizing, processing, analyzing, and reporting

GC Image is software for the analysis of GC x GC images. It features automatic peak detection and quantification capability.

GC Image is a software system for visualizing, processing, analyzing, and reporting on images produced in two-dimensional gas chromatography (GC x GC). GC Image software, featuring automatic peak detection and quantification capability, has two main interfaces : GCImage & GCProject.

Exemple of application result

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