Ultra Pilot and Small Production Lyophilizer

The Ultra Pilot Lyophilizer is a suitable for pilot scale work as well as small production runs.  Shelf temperatures as low as -70C and condenser temperatures to -85C supports a wide range of applications.

Available in bulk or stoppering configurations and with up to 15 shelves.  Each system is available with a selection of control formats and temperature and vacuum sensors.  Condenser capacities of 35 or 50 liters allows you to select a high shelf surface to condenser surface ratio.  This is most suitable when your application calls for freeze drying products that require a very large amount of shelf area but contain less solvent such as many diagnostic kits and tissue banking applications.  The 50 liter condenser provides a high through put capacity at the condenser for other high solvent volume products.

The Ultra is offered in such a way as to allow you to configure a freeze dryer to meet your own particular application requirements.


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