DataFID Portable Flame Ionization Detector for Landfill Emissions Monitoring

Landfill Monitoring Technology that is Safe, Convenient, and ReliableDataFID_sil_right_SMALL

DataFID is a portable, intrinsically safe flame ionization detector (FID) that can reliably measure volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in a potentially hazardous environment. Its new, improved design includes an external Bluetooth® antenna to increase communication capability, low pressure hydrogen supply, long lasting battery, and a custom,
ergonomic backpack. These features, along with its rugged chassis, make DataFID the ideal instrument to provide safe, convenient, and reliable VOC measurements for field operations.

Surface methane emissions from landfill sites are monitored using US EPA Method 21 to ensure methane levels emitted
are regulation compliant.  DataFID is designed to meet and exceed US EPA Method 21 regulations for landfill emissions monitoring, providing reliable on-site results.

INFICON has partnered with Trimble® Navigation to offer a suite of monitoring software specific for landfill needs. DataFID can be paired with Nomad 900 L/LE/XE series loaded with SEMonitor and cEnvironment software to enhance the real-time landfill emissions monitoring. For more information about Trimble Navigation, please visit their website at


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