HPLIS : on-line liquid injection for GC

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The HPLIS valve assembly is intended for the introduction of pressurized liquid samples containing very polar, high boiling or high carbon number analytes into on-Line, at-Line or laboratory based gas chromatographs equipped with split/splitless capillary inlet. It has a reciprocating HStem with a machined groove at his lower extremity designed to contain the pressurized liquid sample to be analyzed. The HStem is moved from the load position (upper) to the inject position (lower) by an integrated pneumatic piston that is controlled by remote contact closure. In the load position, the HStem groove is positioned in the center of the sample chamber through which flows the pressurized fluid. In the inject position, the HStem groove is positioned in the sample transfer zone just below the lower seal.
When HPLIS is activated, the HStem traverses the lower seal with the pressurized sample into the sample transfer zone where a synchronized/calibrated burst of electrical energy is applied to the sample groove. The sample flashes from the groove and is carried by the helium carrier gas into the GC capillary inlet system. Heat for flash vaporization is supplied by a Power Control Module and augmented by the auxiliary heater block and capillary inlet system that is operating at an elevated temperature compatible with the matrix to be analyzed. Once the sample has been successfully transferred to the capillary inlet system, normal capillary principles of gas chromatography are in control of the remaining analytical process.

Typical Applications
Hydrocarbons :
  • LPG, LNG, naphtha, light and heavy condensate, ASTM D-2887
  • organic sulfurs in liquid hydrocarbons
  • alcohols in aqueous and hydrocarbons
  • aldehydes in hydrocarbons
  • diesel in ethane
Others :
  • impurities in ethylene oxide
  • biphenyls, biphenyl oxides and ethyl biphenyls
  • impurities in glycols
  • xylenes
  • impurities in amine matrix
  • limonene




HPLIS on 7890 GC with controller

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