ISO 14001 EMS (Environment Management System)


What is ISO 14001 Environmental Management?

ISO 14001 is an internationally accepted standard that outlines how to put an effective environmental management system in place. It is designed to help businesses remain commercially successful without overlooking environmental responsibilities. It can also help you to grow while reducing the environmental impact of this growth. An ISO 14001 system provides the framework to allow you to meet increasingly high customer expectations of corporate responsibility as well as legal or regulatory requirements.

What are the benefits of ISO 14001 Environmental Management?

  • Better environmental management reduces waste and energy use
  • Improve efficiency to cut the cost of running your business
  • Demonstrate compliance to expand your business opportunities
  • Meet legal obligations to win greater stakeholder and customer trust
  • Prepare for the changing business landscape confidently

What we can do for you ??

  • Providing with your company with assurance that you meet, and will continue to meet, your environmental system commitments and corporate policy requirements.
  • Providing potentially fewer surveillance visits from regulatory agencies.
  • Showing your business partners, regulatory agencies and community that you are environmentally respectful.
  • Increasing competitiveness
  • Increasing profits through potential process improvements and energy conservation
  • Reducing your environmental liability
  • Reducing costs as a result of potentially lower insurance rates
  • Verifying your systems for recognizing and complying with environmental laws and regulations.
  • Improving relationships with regulators-organizations that implement an ISO 14001 EMS often reputed relations with government regulatory agencies, find that regulators are
  • quicker to provide technical support that the regulators are much more supportive in general.
  • Capturing institutional knowledge – ISO 14001 ensures this information is properly documented, compare retained. The cyclical nature of these management systems further ensures all systems information is updated at least annually.
  • Streamlining operations-organizations often realize monetary savings as a result of greater operation and energy conservation, and reduction in use of hazardous materials and generations of hazardous wastes.
  • Increased awareness and participation-organizations benefit from better communication about environmental issues inside and outside the organization. ISO 14001 gives people and avenue to raise environmental issues, clear that environmental performance is an important part of the corporate culture.
  • Safety benefits – by reviewing the procedures for controlling significant operations, including review preparedness and response procedures, organizations are able to identify and implement significant improvements.

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