SMART Freeze Drying


SMART Freeze-Dryer Technology is a patented system that puts the experience of the world’s top lyophilization scientists into an easy-to-use cycle development tool. Developed exclusively with leading academics at The University of Connecticut and Purdue University, this technology is available on the LyoStar freeze-dryer (including a retrofit option for existing LyoStar II systems).

SMART Freeze-Dryer technology eliminates the trial-and-error approach normally involved in developing new lyophilization cycles. It enables experts and novices alike to develop new cycles quickly, while also ensuring that those cycles are elegant and efficient.

The SMART tools provide instant feedback on important product data — such as product resistance, heat flow, and mass transfer — that was previously unavailable.

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  • SMART Freeze Dryer Technology (PLC) helps automate and shorten the development of the freeze drying cycle
  • Get product information that has previously been unavailable – such as product resistance, heat flow and mass transfer
  • Designed to minimize issues with transfer of freeze drying cycles to your production freeze dryer
  • Easy to use operator interface
  • Condenser coil type configuration to maximize condenser efficiency
  • Available with optional 21 CFR Part 11
  • Clean room configurations available
  • Substantially decrease cycle development time with SMART
  • Understand more about your product and its obstacles and opportunities in lyophilization cycle development
  • Easily transfer cycles to larger systems
  • Increase ROI with greater throughput and optimized cycles
  • Spend more time looking at formulation strategies to maximize product effectiveness
  • Developed by lyophilization scientists for lyophilization scientists