Performances of the MicroGC at the heart of the process


Process control is a major challenge for the Chemical Industry to ensure product quality, cost control, maintaining of productivity and risk control. Direct analysis at the heart of the process is the most efficient way, but the market copes with the lack of solution that can offer a wide range of applications.
In this context, it is necessary to develop new solutions for on-line analysis answering to Chemical Industry needs. To do so, the NeSSI technology (New Sampling / Sensor Initiative) is a miniature and modular sampling architecture which allows development of analytical devices with common characteristics.
The SRA MicroGC Analyzer is now part of this family of instruments and allows on-line and in-situ analysis of gases. It is a miniaturized gas chromatograph, with its MEMS injector, a capillary column for compounds separation and a micro thermal conductivity detector. The NeSSI analyzer keeps conventional MicroGC performances, in terms of chromatographic separation, repeatability and detection limit around few ppmV.


Working Temperature from 0 to 50°C
Dimensions (h x l x L) 115 x 121 x 270 mm
Weight 3kg
Power supply 240 VAC
Carrier gas helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, argon
Carrier gas pressure 80 psi
Column temperature isothermal: ambient plus 15 to 180°C
Repeatability/injector type:
Variable volume ≤ 1% RSD
Backflush, timed mode ≤ 1% RSD
Fixed volume ≤ 0,2% RSD
Backflush, fixed mode ≤ 0,5% RSD
Linear dynamic range 10^6 ± 10%
Detection limit 1 – 10 ppmV (performance enhanced µTCD)

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