CMS5000 Monitoring System

CMS5000 Monitoring System Video

Unattended, On-Site VOC Monitoring

The CMS5000 Monitoring System is a self-contained system utilizing GC (Gas Chromatograph) technology for continuous, unattended remote monitoring of air or water.

CMS5000 performs complex analyses during environmental remediation. The programmable CMS IQ software allows you to manage the sample collection and analysis sequence, or you can simply use one of the included default methods. The analytical data is representative of actual conditions at the time of sampling – providing the answers you need to make better and faster decisions about environmental issues.

Concentrations can be accurately measured and reported in minutes.

Designed as a stationary instrument, the CMS5000 is ideal for long-term VOC monitoring, with minimal operator intervention required.

The CMS5000 can be integrated into either an existing SCADA system, a newly developed SCADA system, a Web-Based User Interface or Human Machine Interface (HMI) Data Control System, an Instrument Panel, and/or a custom developed monitoring system.  The data communications link could utilize the existing CMS5000 Modbus protocol interface, be implemented into SCADA Remote Terminal Units, or interface directly to the CMS5000 software Application Programming Interface (API) for specific applications while functioning with secure TCP/IP Ethernet capability.

  • Saves labor and money with autonomous testing
  • Reduces frequency of regular outside lab analysis
  • Lowest cost of ownership
  • Less wasted time with limited maintenance and no sample prep
  • Easy integration and small footprint
  • Analyzes a wide range of EPA 8260 compounds
  • Ability to detect VOCs at very low levels (ppt)
  • Customized methods to suit your specific needs

Typical Applications

  • Drinking water distribution systems
  • Source water protection
  • Wastewater discharge compliance
  • Groundwater remediation
  • Air quality monitoring