Genevac EZ-2 4.0 Series Centrifugal Evaporators

Genevac EZ2.4 Introduction Video

Genevac EZ2.4 Virtual Demo

Effortless evaporation and unrivalled versatility; welcome to the fourth generation of our Genevac EZ-2 Series centrifugal evaporators. An evaporator for every application – from medicinal chemistry to oligo synthesis.

  • Dri-Pure® anti-bumping technology – protect samples from foaming and cross-contamination
  • Touchscreen interface – simple set-up for even the most inexperienced user
  • Fast lyophilization and crystallization capability with certain EZ-2 models
  • Compact design – saves valuable lab space without compromising on quality

Looking to streamline your evaporation workflow and reduce environmental impact at the same time? The Genevac EZ-2 4.0 Series centrifugal evaporators have been redesigned with simplicity in mind. With no need for special training – you can simply load, set, and walk away; the easiest way to quickly and safely remove all commonly used solvents and acids.

New high-power lamps increase drying performance, whilst the low Global Warming Potential (GWP) refrigerant, standby mode, and recyclable packaging help reduce environmental impact.

With three models in the Genevac EZ-2 4.0 Series, you can be sure there’s an evaporator to suit your needs:

  • EZ-2 4.0 Standard is recommended for solvents with boiling points up to 120 °C and ideal for evaporating volatiles
  • EZ-2 4.0 Plus is recommended for solvents with boiling points up to 165 °C and ideal for evaporating HPLC fractions and nitric acid
  • EZ-2 4.0 Elite is recommended for solvents with boiling points up to 220 °C and suitable for evaporating high boiling point solvents and lyophilizing aqueous based samples

Features & Benefits

  • Unparalleled sample protection – advanced temperature control and Dri-Pure® anti-bumping technology
  • Touchscreen interface featuring more pre-set methods means you can program with ease, for “day-in, day-out” use
  • EXALT™ technology enables crystallization studies such as polymorph screening, allowing you to produce crystals with controlled evaporation
  • Front facing condenser jar for easy visibility and safe removal of solvents
  • Options for hydrochloric acid (HCl) resistance, Inert Gas Purge (IGP), and EXALT™ controlled crystallization
  • Variety of sample holders – able to accommodate any type of vial, tube, flask, 96-well plates and our revolutionary SampleGenie™ flasks
  • Simplified data transfer – upload/download data via USB key
  • Space-saving design – limited bench space need no longer be a problem. A compact design with integrated condenser and dry diaphragm pump in the Standard and Plus models , Elite with an external scroll pump.

Application Examples

  • Medicinal Chemistry
  • Oligo Synthesis
  • Synthetic Biology
  • RNA Therapeutics
  • Proteins & Peptides
  • Post Purification Sample Handling
  • Environmental Analysis
  • Clinical & Diagnostic Testing
  • Food & Beverage
  • Metabolism & Toxicology Studies
  • Natural Products Research
  • Parallel Chemistry
  • Oils, Fuels and Fats
  • Crystallography
  • Forensic

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