VirTis Freezemobile Freeze Dryer

Freeze-drying has never been simpler. The VirTis Freezemobile™ is born from more than 35 years of design and manufacturing experience, delivering a freeze dryer that is as efficient as it is versatile. From peptide production to protein purification, we’ve got you covered.

  • Exceptional performance – enhanced refrigeration systems up to -85ºC
  • Efficient – front-facing oil change module; saves time on maintenance so you can focus on your research
  • High-throughput – large capacity enables batch processing

The VirTis Freezemobile™ Manifold Freeze Dryer is here to surpass your expectations. With easy installation, our free-standing appliance ensures you get up and running as fast as possible, and our affordable and reliable Freezemobile options will make your lyophilization process easy and efficient. And, because we understand that your requirements are unique to you, we offer the choice of a wide variety of manifolds and accessories.

Temperatures of -85ºC enable the lyophilization of a large variety of solvents, and with advanced pressure controls that maximize heat transfer, cycles finish faster than ever!

Features & Benefits

  • Location, location, location – the mobile, free-standing design means the VirTis Freezemobile can be easily moved to wherever you need it
  • Large batch processing – 25L or 35L condenser capacity in a single run
  • Corrosion protection – protect the vacuum pump from corrosive solvents with our optional filter traps
  • Enhanced versatility – refrigeration down to -85ºC, and stainless steel manifold and adaptor plate for aqueous and organic solvent applications
  • Minimized downtime – smooth wall condenser for quick defrost turnaround time

Application Examples

  • Laboratory Research
  • Peptide Production
  • Protein Purification
  • Products For Analysis – Plant Material, Organic Tissue, Waste Products



Basic Principles of Freeze-Drying