FOM sigmaR2R

High-quality roll-to-roll machines

Advanced level

The FOM sigmaR2R is a compact roll-to-roll slot-die coating machine integrating industry-grade components adaptable to specific coating procedures with a user-friendly interface. The flexibility and ease of choosing oven modules and other pre-coating and post-coating add-ons make the FOM sigmaR2R suitable for slot-die coating a wide variety of functional materials for R&D and industrial applications.

Key features

  • Compact roll-to-roll slot die coater
  • Coating with µm precision
  • Uniform dry film thickness from nm to µm
  • 120° adjustable coating angle
  • Semi-automated coating via intuitive GUI
  • Local and remote access from PC or Tablet
  • Local and cloud coating protocol saving
  • Continuous, non-contact coating process
  • Integrated pump with SW controlled wet film thickness
  • Oven with two heating zones
  • Two directional winding and unwind capability
  • Full web, tension via servo-controlled system
  • Convenient and easy roller replacement
  • Excellent layer uniformity, and repeatability
  • Alignment of multiple layers
  • Remote support and troubleshooting

Technical specifications

  • Dimensions: 2400 x 1550 x 1820 mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 1500 kg
  • Substrate roller width: 400 mm
  • Substrate width: Max. 350 mm
  • Integrated Continuous pumping system up to 20,000 cP
  • Integrated PLC control system
  • Intuitive HMI touch panel interface
  • Custom 2-zone oven (1800 mm in length) with individual temperature control up to 200 °C
  • Manual slot-die head positioning with digital coating height positioning +/- 10 um

Compact R2R slot-die coating system

The FOM sigmaR2R is ideal for scaling up research-related and small production batches that require a thermal step post roll to roll web coating used in among others photovoltaics, optical coatings, batteries, fuel cells, and pharma related applications.

Coating & printing methods

The FOM sigmaR2R with optional continuous pumping of ink/slurry capabilities, facilitates the integration of multiple coating and printing methods into the machine frame, for example, slot-die coating and flexographic printing. Designed to handle a wide range of substrates it is currently running with carbon fiber tows, multiple plastics, paper, metal foils, and flexible glass.

Easy operation

To accommodate the needs of the operator the FOM sigmaR2R allows for a facile experimental set-up with a user-friendly software with remote service support as well as maintenance supervision.


FOM Slot-Die Heads