FOM nanoRC

high-quality roll-based slot-die coating machine


The FOM nanoRC is the ideal entry point to begin the scalable coating of functional thin films and devices. The FOM nanoRC has been designed to replicate the complex coating processes achieved on large-scale roll-to-roll machines while requiring a fraction of the cost and physical footprint. By leveraging years of experience in materials research and slot-die coating, the FOM nanoRC provides users with a simple route for precise, reproducible, and scalable thin film production from any solution or slurry-based precursor.

Key features

  • Non-contact coating within µm precision
  • Uniform dry film thickness from nm to µm
  • Coating width from 1 mm to 100 mm
  • Excellent layer uniformity and repeatability
  • Designed for flexible substrates
  • Semi-automated coating via intuitive touch panel
  • Built-in hotplate for drying
  • Seamless fume hood and glove box integration
  • Plug and play installation

Technical specifications

  • Weight: 19 kg
  • Substrate roller width: 110 mm
  • Substrate holder heating: Up to 160 oC
  • Recommended cable clearance: 100 mm
  • External syringe reversible pump from 1 ml to 300 ml
  • Intuitive HMI touch panel interface
  • Manual slot-die head height positioning with digital readout +- 10 um
  • Coating width: 1 mm to 100 mm
  • Coating length: Up to 500 mm
  • Coating speed: 0.1 up to 2.0 m min-1
  • Slot-die compatibility: FOM SD 25 – FOM SD 100

Easy to use

The FOM nanoRC is a lightweight, cost-efficient, easy-to-use, precision instrument for testing slot-die coating of solution-processable materials onto flexible substrates.

Replacing spin coating

While spin-coating is often used for the fabrication of thin films, it lacks compatibility with industry standards due to its substrate size restraints, the difficulty of batch processing and the high percentage of material waste. Based on many years of research in functional organic materials and close collaboration with world-class research partners and clients worldwide, the FOM nanoRC has been designed to mimic the coating process of large-scale roll-to-roll machines based on the slot-die coating at a laboratory scale, allowing for high throughput experimental design. The FOM nanoRC enables researchers in industry and academia to develop, or transfer, their knowledge in thin films into slot-die coating fabrication protocols with an entry-level investment.


Whether you are doing fundamental research or developing a new process for your product, the FOM nanoRC provides direct and relevant proof of scalability, yet on the smallest scale, thereby, avoiding the high material consumption and hassle associated with larger size pilot lines.


FOM Slot-Die Heads