VirTis Benchmark Production Freeze Dryer

The VirTis Benchmark Production Freeze Dryer range was built for customization!

With help from our experts, you can configure your Production Freeze Dryer to ensure it meets your exact needs. Only pay for the features you need – nothing more, nothing less – all while still enjoying the same great quality you expect from SP. What’s not to love?

  • Built to last – engineered from premium 316L stainless steel
  • Simplified scale-up – through use of similar software programs
  • Fully compliant – 21 CFR Part 11 compliant software and IQ/OQ validation packages available

No two labs are the same, so why should your equipment be? The Benchmark Production Freeze Dryer range of custom-built production lyophilizers was designed to meet pilot and production demands. With over 200 units installed worldwide and over 20 years of continuous dependable operation, you can trust in our Benchmark freeze dryers.

All VirTis Benchmark systems are custom-built to meet your needs and are available in a wide variety of configurations, with options including:

  • Optimized shelf designs – varied shelf sizes and inter-shelf distances provide maximum processing capacity while maximizing lab space
  • Shelf temperatures to -70ºC and condenser temperatures to -75ºC
  • Internal/external and plate/coil condensers in any orientation to fulfill your exact purposes
  • Optional clean-in place (CIP) solutions to save you valuable time
  • A range of control packages range from 21CFR compliant to simple/straight forward applications where regulations do not apply

All systems are equipped with the Lyos 2.0™ control system

Features & Benefits

  • Customize, don’t compromise! Ability to custom configure all Benchmark production freeze dryers to meet your needs
  • Hot swappable and redundant refrigeration components help to minimize downtime, offering uninterrupted use and easy component management
  • Control systems with superior historical trend functionality and batch records for unmatched consistency and quality
  • Superior design – cleanroom wall installation designed for easy accessibility to major components and maintenance points
  • Optional validation assistance, Installation Qualification and Operational Qualification

Application Examples

  • Diagnostic & Test Kits
  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Veterinary Health Products
  • Bulk Collagen & Tissue Products


VirTis Benchmark Overview Presentation

Basic Principles of Freeze-Drying