Headspace Sampling System

Performs Soil and Water Analysis On-Site, Decision-Quality Data On VOCs In Water, Wastewater, Soils And Solid Wastes

Headspace Sampling System enhances the capabilities of the HAPSITE Portable Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometer (GC/MS) to provide highly accurate, on-site analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in soil or water. With its fast and easy sampling, the system ensures immediate results in the field for occupational and environmental health and safety decisions.

The HAPSITE Headspace Sampling System, controlled through the HAPSITE Portable GC/MS user interface, is ready to analyze samples in minutes. Its rapid sample throughput means no time is lost waiting for reports, enabling immediate decision-making and response, if required. Twenty to twenty-five samples can easily be analyzed in an eight-hour day.

The system provides results equivalent to running EPA method 8260 in a laboratory, but within minutes and without leaving the site. This virtually eliminates chain-of- custody and sample-contamination problems.

The HAPSITE Headspace Sampling System for the HAPSITE Portable GC/MS provides environmental testing professionals with powerful analysis and confirmatory results, ease of use, and economy under the broad range of field conditions. It saves time and money when used to support waste-site remediation and investigation, testing for worker exposure to toxic compounds in manufacturing facilities, emergency response, or regulatory compliance.


  • The only battery-operated headspace sampler for field use
  • Results comparable to EPA method 8260
  • Convenient inlet system for analyzing soil, water, and solid samples
  • Integrated with the HAPSITE data system
  • Modular, low-maintenance design for rugged environments
  • Uses standard VOA vials