SituProbe Sampling System

On-Site, Decision Quality Data on VOCs in Water

The SituProbe Purge and Trap GC/MS System extends the capabilities of the HAPSITE Chemical Identification System to provide highly accurate, on-scene analysis of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in water. With its fast and easy processing, the system ensures immediate results in the field to make critical decisions affecting life, health and safety.

Fast, Accurate Results

The HAPSITE SituProbe Purge and Trap GC/MS System is the only on-site purge and trap GC/MS system available today. It is controlled through the HAPSITE GC/MS user interface and is ready to analyze in minutes. Its rapid throughput means no time is lost waiting for reports, enabling immediate decision-making and response, if required.
The system provides results equivalent to running samples in a laboratory, but within minutes and without leaving the site. This virtually eliminates chain-of-custody and sample-contamination/degradation problems.

Advanced Technology Yields Lab-Quality Water Analysis On Site

The HAPSITE SituProbe Purge and Trap GC/MS System uses a modified EPA purge and trap protocol. This is made possible by the state-of-the-art SituProbe, which performs the purge in the water. No pumps, valves or cells are exposed to the water matrix, eliminating the need for sample pretreatment or filtration. Since the sample matrix does not affect the system’s performance, even highly polluted water sources can be analyzed with ease. It can analyze individual samples or be operated automatically for attended, continuous water stream analysis.

Typical detection limits are in the low parts-per-billion (ppb) to parts-per-trillion (ppt) range.

Engineered for the Field

The complete, durable HAPSITE SituProbe Purge and Trap GC/MS System operates on a rechargeable battery for field use or from a 24-volt converter when external power is available. Developed to withstand harsh conditions, the entire unit is weatherproof and easily decontaminated.

Make the Right Decision – Fast

The HAPSITE SituProbe Purge and Trap GC/MS System provides emergency response and environmental testing professionals with powerful water analysis and confirmatory results, ease of use, and economy under the broad range of field conditions. It saves time and money when used to sample or monitor directly from the water stream without the need for sample vials.


  • The only battery-operated insitu purge and trap system for field use with a GC/MS
  • Integrated with the HAPSITE data system
  • Modular, low-maintenance design for rugged environments
  • Unique, robust purge and trap system for the most difficult applications

Typical Applications

  • Water source protection
  • Emergency response
  • Groundwater remediation
  • Storm water monitoring
  • Compliance screening