Petrochemicals & Alternative Energy


The analysis of gases in the petroleum or petrochemical industry is important for process optimization or quality control. Typically these laboratories perform routine analysis of samples on a scheduled basis.

Greater demand for alternative energy sources has led to an increase in catalyst research and development from universities, industry, and government laboratories.

Other alternate energy sources can be converted into syngas in order to provide a more efficient source of electricity or synthetic liquid fuels. This analysis requires fast measurement of hydrogen and carbon monoxide as well as smaller amounts of methane, carbon dioxide and C2 saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons.


  • Fast, simple analysis
  • Small footprint
  • Automation
  • Wide range of components
  • Interface to bench scale or pilot reactors


INFICON Micro GC Fusion provides fast, valuable gas analysis of fixed gases, light hydrocarbons, olefins, or volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Common components of refinery gas, syngas, and catalysis research gas are analyzed in minutes. Micro GC Fusion is easily interfaced to bench scale or pilot reactors and can be automated for unattended operation.

Equipped with a MEMS based thermal conductivity detector (TCD), both fixed gases such as hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide can be analyzed alongside hydrocarbons such as C1-C5 saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons, C6-C10 carbon number groups, and some VOCs. 

Datasheet – Analysis of Refinery Gas


Application Note – Rapid Analysis of Syngas


Application Note – University Catalysis Research Gas Analysis