Renewable Energy


Renewable energy is defined as energy derived from natural, renewing sources and can be used to supplement or replace traditional energy sources.

The analysis of landfill gas is used to optimize wellhead tuning, comply with environments standards and monitor gas concentrations after nitrogen and CO2 removal. These compounds have to be reduced to comply with specifications to re-use the gas in the natural gas pipeline.

Another source of renewable energy is biogas from natural sources, which can be converted into electricity or biomethane. Prior to adding biomethane into the natural gas pipeline, the gas must meet certain country specific specifications.


  • Fast, simple, and transportable analysis
  • Sensitivity
  • Compliance with industry standards


INFICON Micro GC Fusion provides fast, valuable gas analysis of fixed gases and light hydrocarbons in the field or in a lab setting. Common components of biomethane, biogas, and landfill gas are analyzed in minutes. Equipped with a MEMS based thermal conductivity detector (TCD), both fixed gases such as hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide can be analyzed alongside hydrocarbons such as methane, ethane, and propane. In addition, sulfur compounds such as H2S and COS and sulfur containing odorants can be monitored.

Datasheet – Analysis of Biomethane


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Application Note – Biogas Analysis on Micro GC Fusion