Webinar @INFICON Micro GC VS Benchtop GC

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“MicroGC vs. Benchtop GC – Does size matter?”

Do you perform gas chromatography and want to optimize your gas analysis?

Do you want to perform gas analysis in the future?

Do you follow the newest trends and want to be updated?

On February 25, 2021 – 2-3pm CET, INFICON is presenting a webinar titled “Micro GC vs. Benchtop GC – Does size matter?” and we’d like to invite you to attend for free

Our experts Debbie Alcorn and Roland Salentin are happy to talk with you about the differences and similarities between the Micro GC and the Benchtop GCS.  We will discuss the benefits of the respective technologies to inform you of new ways you can optimize your gas analysis.

We will be covering the following topics: 
·        Gas Chromatography Technology 
·        Size and speed 
·        Service and Installation 
·        Versatility 

Register now in our free Webinar and find out about the latest in the world of chromatography in just one hour.

Are you already curious about what to expect? An introduction to our MicroGC Fusion instrument can be found here:
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